Pamukkale (Hierapolis) Tour

Pamukkale means cotton castle. There are two reasons why the area is name as cotton castle. One reason the white cliffs look like a castle made of white cotton, the other reason is that the area houses lots of cotton processing factories.

Natural thermal springs which has high density of chalk inside formed glacier looking terraces on the areas where flowed for thousands of years. It is a unique site.

Ancient Hierapolis was founded by Pergamum Kingdom. Due to the existance of thermal waters which healed people. Thousands of patients came to the area to get cured. The ones who were not able to be cured died and burried in the area. Today the site has the largest ancient necropolis. The number of thumbs like sarcaphaguses excavated is over 1600. The total number is expected to be over 3000. St. Philip the apostle lived in the city and martyred during the persecution time to the christians. This is a must see site for travellers.

Pamukkale is 3 hours drive from Kusadasi. Due to the limited time of the cruise ships, this tour is nor recommended to the cruise ship passengers but for travelers overnighting in Kusadasi or Selcuk.

Kindly note that the duration of this tour is approximately 10 hours.

For the travelers who will be staying in Kusadasi, Sirince or Selcuk, besides Ephesus we recommend to visit Pamukkale (Hierapolis). Pamukkale is a Unesco heritage site which has a unique white rock formation and largest ancient necropolis of

the world. This is a huge breathtaking site.

After departing from Kusadasi, drive east approx. 3 hours. Enter the site from North Gate and walk through the Ancient Necropolis (Cemetery). So far Italian archaeologists excavated over 1200 tombs in the area. The total number is expected to exceed 3000. No where in the world you can see such a gigantic ancient cemetery. Afterwards see the Roman Bath, walk through Domitian Gate, Frantinus Avenue to see the other remains. View the huge Roman theater having a capacity of 10000.

Walk on the calcium deposit terraces of Pamukkale. Enjoy the stunning views. The water temperature is 32 degrees. For the ones interested there is an opportunity to swim at the ancient pools of Cleopatra. Kindly note there is an extra entrance fee approximately 15 Euros per person.

Hierapolis (Pamukkale) is mentioned in the new testament (Col. 4:13). This is the city where St. Philip the apostle is martyred. Hireapolis is located close to biblical sites Colossae and Laodicea. Please clicik here, for more information about the biblical importance of Hierapolis, Laodicea and Colossae

If requested Aphrodisias or Laodicea ancient cities can also be added to private tours of Pamukkale. There is no excavations for Colossae, therefore we do not recommend a visit to Colossae.
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